Here Comes the Alabama

Here Comes the Alabama by Edna & Frank Bradlow was first published in 1958 by A.A.Balkema. It was revised and updated by Edna Bradlow for the 2007 edition. The 2007 edition is in full colour and features a large number of photographs and paintings depicting the voyages of the CSS Alabama and its crew during its brief tumultous two years (1862-1864) as a raider. The famous Confederate ship visited South African ports on a number of occasions; and it is from these visits that the song “Daar kom die Alabama” derived. The book covers the story behind the song, the death and reinterment of Lt. Cummings, as well as the Arbitration claim at the conclusion of the American Civil War.

Copies obtainable from The Naval Heritage Society, Cape Town. Contact Glen Knox on mobile: +27 (0)84 686-1384.